We are a small boutique atelier focused on the rare, unusual, and special. 

Gems and jewelry are our obsession, and no detail goes unspared. We value quality craftsmanship, ethical mining and environmental practices and sustainability. Most importantly, we are passionate about jewelry and the backstory behind each piece and what it says about the wearer.  We pride ourselves on sourcing, curating and creating jewels that are guaranteed to be generational heirlooms.  Jewelry in and of itself is transformative and talismanic for the wearer, and we feel strongly that every jewel and gemstone has a story to tell.  At its core, Cimelio is a brand passionate about jewelry. Our creations are our pride and joy, as their excellence results from years of experience and talented artisanship.

And with such talent, it is only fitting that we use superior-quality gemstones. That’s why we maintain a close relationship with our suppliers and work tirelessly to guarantee we only source the finest gemstones.

By Cimelio is a boutique jewelry brand created by Sarah Demchyk, a highly-skilled graduate gemologist with vast experience and prowess within the jewelry trade.

Her education, experience in the trade, and extensive jewelry knowledge are merely some of the reasons her services are highly sought after.

Sarah has been telling stories through gemstones for over well over a decade, and wants to shape the future of modern jewelry with her brand By Cimelio by drawing inspiration from the past and the pure geometrical shapes found in Medieval Art and Architecture.