engagement ring


First steps

There is a lot of information available to the jewelry consumer.
Unfortunately, there is also a lot of noise. Our goal is to quiet the noise so clients can process all the information at their disposal and make confident and informed decisions. It takes work to choose or create an engagement ring.
So we strive for this process to be collaborative, fun, and educational. We act as your personal gemological fiduciaries, working in your best interest to find the best stone and value for your budget.

Initial assessment

When the ring is intended to be a surprise, the more information we have on our side, the better, if there is already an idea for the size, shape, or style, that is great.

If there is no clear idea, that is also great. The good thing about going down the Bespoke road with Cimelio is that you will always reach something beautiful. We assess the recipient's everyday lifestyle, personal style, and jewelry taste to achieve this.

The Process

Sometimes the engagement ring design process can be collaborative between the client and the recipient. Sometimes it can be cloaked in complete secrecy. In an open process, we advise clients and recipients to try on any and every ring style and design to get an idea of what they might like - and, most importantly - do not like. This paints a broader picture of the ring concept. From there, we refine it by trading different images, different styles, angles, and designs.


In most cases, we begin the design process by sourcing and selecting the center stone and working our way out. We then refine the overall structure and concept by brainstorming and trading images, notes, and references back and forth to ensure we've finalized the design before we move on to the ring rendering. We begin the metal casting process upon completing a 3D rendering of the final ring design. From there, the meticulous production process and setting start with our master platinum and goldsmith in the historic Jeweler's Row of Philadelphia. Our gemologist and founder, Sarah Demchyk, oversees the entire project from start to finish, ensuring the final product meets her meticulous and high standards.


Our Bridal design process takes roughly 3-4 weeks on average for completion. Please reach out to discuss your timing needs.

Cimelio is not just about selling jewelry but forging lifelong relationships. There is no greater happiness or satisfaction than welcoming back our engaged clients for their wedding bands, anniversary presents, or any special occasion. It is an absolute delight and honor to help them commemorate the special moments in their lives with our Jewelry. And as long as we keep seeing their smiles, we will spare no effort to fight for our place in this business. It is up to the wearer to embed their Jewelry with meaning and purpose. Playing a part in that story is a privilege and a gift that hopefully keeps on giving for many years.

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