Custom Jewelry Process

We love nothing more than creating unique and modern heirlooms to be treasured by the wearer from one generation to the next, and we are driven by the challenge of helping our client’s visions come to life in jewelry form.

There is a plethora of information and marketing available to the jewelry consumer, and more often than not it can be overwhelming to condense all the education and data out there.  Our goal is to quiet all the noise out there so clients can process all the information at their disposal and make confident and informed jewelry purchases. We strive for this process to be collaborative, fun, and educational, and we act as your personal gemological fiduciaries working in the best interests of our clients in order to find the best materials and value for their budget.


We begin every custom inquiry with a discovery session to understand the scope of the project and timeline, the recipient’s personal style and taste, and budget.  We source from a very select and elite group of trusted and vetted diamond and gemstone dealers, who represent the very top of their class. From here we compile a list of viable stone options to present to the client that reflects the ideal gemological criteria at the best price.


Once we have selected any applicable stones, we move onto mounting design and formalization. Based on the client’s ideas and references, we sketch designs and create digital mock-ups to embody the rough concept. If we’re moving in the right direction, we render the design through 3D CAD imaging that closely resembles the final piece. At this stage, we can also provide a rough estimate for the final price.


Once the CAD rendering design is approved, we move into the final production phase. Here starts the meticulous process of production and setting by our master platinum and goldsmiths in the historic Jeweler’s Row of Philadelphia. Each and every piece is cast locally using certified recycled metals, and every accent stone and detail is hand-selected and matched by our gemologist and founder, Sarah Demchyk.  She oversees the entire project from start to finish, ensuring the final product meets her painstakingly high standards.