Heirloom Restyling

Jewelry is meant to be worn, cherished, and have meaning for the wearer. There is nothing sadder to us than jewelry that sits unworn or unloved in a jewelry box or safe. Our Heirloom Restyling Service is a collaborative design experience that allows us to help you reinvent your unworn, family jewelry and update them into modern heirlooms to be worn and loved every day.


There is no greater satisfaction for us than helping our clients tell their personal stories through reimagining and reworking family heirlooms and unworn jewelry.  The fact that every jewel can tell a tale of the wearer is a great privilege, and it is an honor that clients trust us and our vision with their precious heirlooms.

The Process

We begin with an in-person or virtual discovery session to understand the scope and background of the project, the number of restyled pieces that and desired outcome, all the while getting to know the client’s style, aesthetic, and goals.

Restyling consists of but is not limited to converting/reworking components into new pieces, melting down metal to recast or sell for cash, and reusing and reworking old stones into new designs. The options are endless. But we are here to help educate you on how to maximize the value and meaning of your jewelry.

Once we have your heirlooms on hand and have made a working deposit, we can begin the production process. We work closely with our master platinum and goldsmiths to ensure your vision comes to life.

Every stone tells a story. let's craft it together.