Mini Acanthus Longchain Necklace


This long-chain necklace features a miniaturized version of our classic Acanthus pendant, and is infused with inspiration from the exquisite Ottonian "Townley" brooch dating back to the early 11th century. It seamlessly blends the byzantine relic's timeless charm with Cimelio's distinctive style and vision, creating a stunning and eternal heirloom.  Multicolor sapphires are studded throughout, adorning each gothic shape with their vivid hues, adding a touch of enchantment and artistry. Crafted in sterling silver with 18 karat gold plating, this lovely necklace can be worn long, doubled, or even wrapped around the wrist for multiple styles. 

  • 18kt yellow gold plating over sterling silver
  • 2.10ct multicolor sapphires
  • Necklace length 36"
  • Made to order. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.