Oval Diamond Halo Three Stone Ring

This Heirloom Restyling Engagement ring is the embodiment of a couple's enduring love story. Merging cherished family rings worn by the bride for years, we've meticulously curated this ring with a lab-grown oval-shaped diamond as the centerpiece. The side stones, originating from her original rings, are seamlessly incorporated, while the halo and ring shank boast exquisite single cut diamonds. Infusing sentiment and modernity, the ring basket features architectural elements inspired by the Provincetown Pilgrim Monument. This jewel is a heartfelt testament, blending sentimentality with contemporary design, crafting an utterly unique and cherished piece.
  • Platinum 7.5g
  • 2.64ct H color, VS1 clarity Lab grown Oval diamond
  • 1.01ct repurposed vintage round diamonds 
  • 0.64ct repurposed single cut diamonds
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