Make your bridal dreams come true with a uniquely designed engagement ring.

We love helping our clients profess their love using earth's precious materials. Every couple, like every stone, is different. We tailor our approach to each and every client's needs.


This ancient symbol is an unending source of inspiration and creativity for us at Cimelio. From the combination of the Latin word quattuor plus folium, we get Quatrefoil, which means four leaves". For this collection, we traveled back in time to draw inspiration from the medieval period and fused it with a modern aesthetic.


Inspired by Medieval art and architecture, this collection finds its roots in quintessential Gothic elements, shapes, and essence to create a bold and modern collection.

Reimagined Antique

This collection combines antique diamonds with a sophisticated and contemporary style. Antique diamonds refer to stones that were cut before 1920 and are known for having a more romantic and soulful appeal.
By capturing their essence and blending it into our Cimelio aesthetic, we create new pieces that can feel both modern and traditional. Discover treasures from the past and the beauty of the present in the Reimagined Antique collection.

evil eye

This ancient symbol has existed for over three thousand years. There is perhaps no other motif more recognized or renowned than the evil eye. It has meaning in almost all countries and covers all religions. Although we know it as "evil", it is the eye amulet itself that wards off envy and leering eyes.

In this collection, you can expect beautifully designed charms and talismans inspired by the evil eye combined with the beautiful color and texture of colored stones.

Charms and Chains

This collection is all about connectivity and interchangeability, mixing and matching. To start with one piece and build your story from there. From sentimental personalized charms to ethereal mushroom-inspired pendants, each talisman has its own meaning and is designed to mix and match with one another. Immerse yourself in this collection, where the only pattern is the absence of one. Discover our charms and chains.

Heirloom Restyling

Our Heirloom Restyling Service is a collaborative design experience that allows us to help clients reinvent their unworn, family jewelry and update them into modern heirlooms to be worn and loved every day.


Our bespoke services are the best way to make your vision come to life. Whether you are looking for a custom engagement ring, to redesign a family heirloom, or spruce up a piece from your collection, the first step is getting in touch with us. We believe that creating a trusting and caring relationship with our clients transforms this purchase into a unique experience.

There is a stone to tell your story. Let's craft it together.

the vault

The ultimate luxury that Cimelio Jewelry has to offer. If every stone tells a story, The Vault is a collection of the most enthralling and magnificent stories we have to tell. The dedication, technical effort, and artisanship that go into crafting these items are the absolute pinnacle of Cimelio Jewelry.

Take a peek inside The Vault.